Saturday, December 27, 2014

Keep Calm And tell The Truth

How do you feel when you are cheated and lied straight on the face ? Like hell no?
The right thing to do is seldom the easy thing to do. But it’s worth it.
Have you heard a quote something like’ If you want to change the world, change yourself’? Yes. that is how it should  go. You are the one who matters. You should take the first step towards the truth!
because when you yourself indulge in the damned thing of lies , there will come a time where you’ll have no idea who to trust. Then even the people who are telling the truth get damned. This is the reason why you yourself lying without another thought is bad.
Because when you do such a thing the trust breaks down, it creates a society like we have where we are afraid of everyone and cling to non-truths because no one knows what the truth is anymore.
So Its important people and you yourself tell the truth no matter what. It won't always be easy or happy thing to do. In fact, sometimes it is downright painful, but YOU know you have done the right thing. .
A time where I am happy I chose to go ahead with the truth was when I broke up with my boyfriend .. It was worst. But then he deserved it. He was lying behind my back.
And then days passed by I met a wonderful person who treated like the way I had to be treated. Eventually we fell in love, but the twist in turn of events happened when I found out my ex was partnering with the love of my life on a business deal.
the worst part was when I had to accompany my boyfriend in parties and I got to see him , he would start creeping around and trying to rekindle the relationship . I hated my ex and the fact that my love of life was planning something for future with him was eating me up. I was scared if I told him the truth he would start judging me and kept the truth hidden.
then there came a time my ex crossed the line when we were hanging out with my friends and my love of life proposed to me, my ex cornered me and abused me of how I was a non deserving woman . He had spoilt that day. That was when my conscience snapped and I went straight to my fiancé and blurted out the truth. I then did not care it would hurt anyone or if even my loved ones would judge me.
But it so happened instead of him being angry he started laughing at my outburst. I for once was confused. What was happening. It is when he told me that he knew the guy was my ex it was me who ended up being furious. Did he not trust me , was he testing if I still had feelings for my ex , why was he entering into a business deal with a guy who broke my heart?
But atleast I had told him the truth and I felt relieved. But then when my fiancé told me he was only following a recommendation and in no way was he partnering with my ex and did not care for my ex because he trusted me I felt overjoyed. Suddenly it felt like a huge burden was off from my shoulders and from that day onwards I have been the woman who makes sure the truth is told more often and even more quickly,,…
Also I love the new TVC by Kinsley throwing light on the truth… Watch it here. I am sure you’ll love it!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kids travel diaries…

Top 10 Family Reunion Destinations-


A vacation with a family is the only vacation that can be described as a vacation with love - anticipated with pleasure, experienced with a little uncertainty , and remembered with nostalgia…

It is universal that if your child enjoys something you automatically enjoy everything.

Every time we travelled to exotic locations during our summer holidays in childhood it would be along with the whole family. The aunts, the cousins, packed full with children. I often hear adults talking about how traveling can also be tiring and taxing on the body and mind. When you have kids in tow, the challenge of travel becomes even greater.

When traveling mostly long distances, a lot of things should be kept in mind in order to ensure that both the kids and us ourselves have a pleasant and enjoyable vacation. 

In order to make things right and work it out for your kids to have fun while they are on a vacation keep these things in mind:

1. Plan your trip

2.Plan it strategically

3. Keep your kids entertained

4. Don’t forget to bring the necessities

5. Stay focused

6. Don’t let the kids fall sick

7. Pack the right food

8. First aid

9. Take in the child’s sleep schedule

10. Connect to your location

A destination can make or break , it depends on the kids . Sometimes it can be tough finding the perfect place, where it will be possible to entertain your entire family.  You have to make sure that everything goes according to the plans you’ve made and your kids are smiling all the way.

The part where you chose your travel destinations plays a vital role in the enjoyment scale of your kids. Make sure to pick up places to kick back and relax, or just fun for the whole family in general.  After all, you don’t want your kids to complain that it doesn’t look like a vacation but a reunion ,do you?  I didn’t think so!

A kid friendly place is the first thing you should give priority to! Because the fun, eclectic atmosphere chosen accordingly will keep everyone at your table entertained. Its always a good feeling when the kids score big with the huge playground and video game room. When they are all smiles , we are all smiles.

While planning fun things to do on vacation with kids before hand is important, it is equally important to provide the space that they need. When you choose vacation rentals instead of a cramped up eerie feeling hotel room, the kids too need space and privacy. This also is a vital factor in the enjoyment scale for the kids.

A vacation to have all your kids entertained must have the right ingredients. The happy factor is of course giving them freedom and not setting up boundaries, afterall they are on a vacation.

Also there’s the thing with food, glorious food. Pack plenty of water , plenty of fresh fruits and sugar bars. Travel friendly food and juice bottles to keep you on the safe zone.

If all the above points are considered I am sure your kids will have the time of their lives and will always have fun on their vacations which equals to your happiness :’)

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

High time we kick it in : Time to Rise above Fear!

Image source: Fun2video
Fear. It’s a very powerful thing.
Dangerous and Cunning.
But when you decide to overcome it, well nothing can stop you. Can it?
If you do something you fear so much and fall flat on your face, worst-case scenario, how long will it take you to recover? The answer to that my dear is probably less than you expect. How hard would it really be to find something else and get over it? Chances are you could recover completely in a couple of months. But trust me it has not taken more than a few months. Why fear when you know it won’t hurt much? Why regret later when you could do it today and now?! Is the fear of a few rough months strong enough to keep you in a mediocre situation indefinitely?
Take for example my life, I was scared when I was a child , as I grew up I am thankful to my parents, mentors and teachers to have supported and encouraged to take the en route to risking and claiming the victorious path. It was while growing up , at my school, in college I learnt to let go of the fear afterall how much would take it from my part, a little or everything of the risk.
Some of the few instances where I conquered the fear factor by taking the risk where:
Public speaking : I am an introvert and public speaking doesn’t come easily to an introvert, but then I have always been a firm believer in taking the risks so when my college announced extra curriculum activities beginning as a new syllabus I had to give it a try ! The risks were many, given the thing even my best friend advised me to not take part in the JAM (Just a minute) activity because she feared I would lose face when I wouldn’t talk in front of a crowd, but I had enough and I actually took it up as a challenge , the first time I did get nervous and couldn’t get even a few words out but that was a very long time back. I am thankful to myself that I actually gave myself a chance from that day I haven’t turned back I started participating in every public speaking event, interacting with the debaters and now I am proud enough to say I could earn a living by speaking in public, No really :D
Fear of reactions of others: This was biggest fear s of all ! Every time I decided to do something I would think of all those reactions people would throw in my way after which I would turn on my heal and run away. And then there came those inspirational books and movies, I regained my confidence back and since then I have never looked back!
I think I simply acknowledged my fears and went anyway.
Its like one day you get up and you have your EUREKA moment. the same way I realized that if I didn’t try, I would fail for sure.
Fear while Shopping: Shopping is one thing we women love but hey what if it goes wrong ? Yes it leaves us devastated ! I have always been a shopaholic but long before I used to crib when asked to go shopping (I can’t believe it myself but I did haha) reason? well what f the dress I bought costs way too much? what if nobody ;liked it? what if it did not look good on me? what if it goes on sale after a few months, what if what WHAT IF ! That ! And then one day I decide to hell with What if’s! has it paid off? Like hell yeah ! Now everything I buy , I buy with confidence and the compliments , well they just keep doubling ;’)
On the other hand, fear can prevent us from doing things that would be great for us – if we could only figure out a way to face and overcome those fears.
Not to forget all those books and movies which also inspired me to take the big ‘R’isky leap :D But lately it’s the  new Dew film Rise Above Fear is superb! It has Nagarjuna Akkineni’s son Akhil Akkineni facing his fears!
The video is simply wow. Mountain Dew has done an absolutely fantastic job! Boldness and dauntlessness just got a new name!The peak of daring has reached a new height!This is so inspiring ! Excellent performance by Akhil !
Stay connected with Mountain Dew on Facebook here.
Enjoy your life and don’t forget to face your fears by rising above them !

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The power of voice of India. High time you stood up.

How many of you’ve always wanted to speak up in situations you felt helpless ? But have you ever stood up and used the power of your voice? I doubt it. Well now its time to speak up just like our very own Montu does it in the new StrepsilIndia campaign.

Lets get a small insight on the’ Power of Voice to Clean India’ campaign

How do you see our nation? Is it clean and tidy and a place you would want your kids to be raised up? How many of you agree with that? There is no doubt that there are so places that need cleaning, people who deserve your attention & authorities who need to hear your opinions! We cannot stand far in a corner and be that silent spectator anymore. This is all the campaign is about, to raise our voices and make a difference in the little way we can.
We all know that raising our voices against all filthy and bad of our country is a power that we all have , then why is it that we aren’t using it to the best of it? Come lets pledge and  exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swachh Bharat just like our PM and Montu did.
Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega. Aur saath mein uske hum bhi bolenge. Jee haan !

I have always wanted to speak up for the following causes:

Against sexual abuse: Worst scenario ever! Last month I was out shopping in commercial street and there was this guy who kept following and later touched me I couldn’t put two and two together as I was busy enjoying the walk down the street, and when I had realized instead of turning and slapping him right on the face I felt fear. My bad. I hope I am way stronger the next time. Also next time you someone eve teasing or some girl being sexually abused speak up and raise your voice against it.All I want to urge you is, if you happen to witness any, speak up. You could be a savior. Now is the time we stop hesitating and start taking a stand against this.

Against abusive language :A clean India can only be attained when the future of today are taught to keep clean minds. I hate when children not even aged 11-12 use foul and abusive language. Parents can atleast make sure their children

Against manhandling of some other persons property:That would be when you see illiterate people harming others property. for example someone puncturing some other persons car for the fun it, or someone dumping their garbage at other persons doorstep. this MUST stop.

I hope you are doing your bit to make our nation clean and a safe place for the citizens residing here.

brandcover (1)

Check  strepsils activity about it in facebook and twitter here.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Extravagant dream of a luxury touch: Porcelanosa

I am a dreamer, not the normal types but a crazy dreamer ! And I most of the times end up imagining myself winning the lottery from which I can suddenly afford a massive house stuffed and designed with the most luxurious and beautiful furniture and home décor !
Don’t we all have a dreaming house, and everyone has ideas on cool things to have in their dream home. But now all your dreams will come fulfilled without much effort to find the BEST because hold your breath as the world-celebrated Porcelanosa ventures into Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving ! And Am I drooling like a 5 year old child drools over a big size candy seeing their products or Am I over drooling over them ! (If such a word even exists!)
What I liked about Porcelanosa Kitchens:
Kitchen is the very heart of the home ! It is given the most importance while building a home…Aware of its importance, at Porcelanosa they’ve design kitchens to be functional and to meet the requirements and that too WOW and HOW !Versatile space, beautiful décor, neat designing …yes all in one!
Here are my top 3 kitchen favorites from their products :
kitchen 3


beautiful kitchen
What I liked about Porcelanosa Bathrooms:
The beauty of the bathrooms can be enhanced by the beautiful wall tiles here on Porcelenosa .. and their bathroom accessories will give it a new makeover !
Porcelenosa provides a wide range of furniture that is fitted below basins, mirrors, lighting, additional furniture, and makes sure they become the envy of the house .
What I liked about Porcelanosa Bath tubs:
Coming to the bathtubs. I have always dreamt wanted a posh bathroom with a mega size bathtub and the lusty looking bathtubs on Porcelenosa got me crazy ! LIKE HELL ! They are so so so pretty and fine they make me want to cry with greed to have all of em installed in my bathrooms ( Yeah honey keep dreaming) Trust me ! They are pure LOVE !
And my top 6 (I wanted to post pictures of all of them ) favorites!
*Lusting LIKE hell*
*This ones to die for*
bath 1
*WANT WANT WANT* PLEASE rehem Karo :*******
What I liked about Porcelanosa Flooring :
Amazing quality and lust worthy cool designs are all what the floor tiles of Porcelanosa speak of .. They have beautiful collections are more versatile and seem easy to install than continuous flooring  ! I  so want one of these when I am having my dream home built *Pink promise to myself*
And I could not stop myself from falling in love from their rain shower range. THEY ARE FANTABULOUS ! GOD I LOVE THEM ! I can go on and on and on about them ! YES SO DAMN FABULOUS !
My favorites :
*Squeals with delight*
Like any of these ? Right. I know it YOU loved all of THEM !
There is much more to explore from the products from porcelanosa ! Do check out!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Safety, School Aur Swachhta Babli ke liye…

#InSearchOfAToilet #ToiletForBabli
Babli woke up with a beautiful dream that day…..she smiled as she thought about it while rubbing her eyes…
Under the blanket she was warm and cozy but she knew as soon as she would step out from the warm blanket of her bed she would be freezing and then the aftermath of relieving her from the natures call would put her to dread. She had to wakeup her Amma and ask her to come along with her to the fields in the early foggy morning, the cold air would cut through her limbs and the distance they had to walk to free from the nature’s call would take a 30 minute walk by foot. Not to forget how Babli hated the sneering hairy men pestering and passing comments while they passed by them on the fields…
Also she had seen that Amma had worked hard till late the previous night and was probably very tired , she did not want to wake her up but her other human body parts would just not listen , they wanted release. Babli pressed her head between her palms…what a bad thing to happen after you just wakeup from a beautiful dream ! She sighed heavily and wished if only any of the houses in neighborhood had a toilet or how she wished her dream that she dreamt of that night came true….
How she wished her best friend Meena was not sick from malaria but most of al what Babli wished for was a decent toilets in her village so she did not have to see her friends and herself struggle every morning and evening to when they felt the need to go to the bathroom.
Open defecation was a norm in her village and she knew about the effect it had on her village folk. There were even rumors she had heard from her school masters that many girls were opting out of school because the village school did not have a proper toilet and the only toilet was open from the above and not appropriate because the 6th std boys class was just right on the front of the open toilet.
But of all this the biggest challenge for Babli was when she had to take a stand that she wouldn’t be going to nature’s call after 5pm or to any other place at evenings when her parents had worryingly decided she wouldn’t be going to far away to relieve because they had heard awful things had happened two little girls somewhere in India …they made sure Babli and her lil brother did not know what those awful things were.
Late that day in the afternoon Bali couldn’t believe what was happening to her… some very good people had come to her village called Domex Team and promised to build a toilet ! Babli twirled in happiness. Now she could not wakeup groggy even though she saw a beautiful her evenings would be peaceful without hairy men sneering or having to pass defecated field s to relieve herself !
You too can help many such Babli’s fulfill their dreams for a safe, hygienic and swacch environment and life for them… All you have to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.
Do contribute :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A healthy child , healthy home !

It is often said that raising a child is the hardest, most responsible and often the most satisfying task a parent can face. 
A persons knowledge of how to bring up their children usually comes from their surroundings and their own upbringing. This may result in patterns from the parent's own social experiences being repeated and passed on to their children.
“Our children are our happiness” is what my mom used to tell her friends when I was in school.
You too must’ve heard this more often than you can admit , a parent always considers her happy kids their reason behind their healthy and happy home.
my parents where always health-conscious parents , they did everything  to compete against any number of unhealthy temptations and made sure we did not hook up to bad habits like smoking and intake of any other harmful substance.
My parents always believed that if a child is healthy and happy , it automatically makes the home a healthy home.They abided by five rules for healthy eating:
  • No to fast food . They were strictly against it. And I am so very thankful to them for this gift of health and good habits they instilled in me.
  • Intake of Dabur Chyawanprash ( Dabur Chyawanprash is a time-tested, age-old formulation has a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi))regularly. Growing up is hard work, and my parents where very much aware of this , child has a special set of requirements to get the job done..They would tell me you are growing and developing you must eat dabur so all your body parts from your brain to your  bones grow strong.
  • They involved is in eating healthy fruits and veggies .
  • Physical activity a part of our daily lives
  • They Kept it simple.
-My mom and dad played a key role in our food choices and the behaviors I and my siblings picked up as we grew older.
-They made sure that we followed a set of important things so we could grow up to safe, happy and healthy. They made sure we had a healthy lifestyle and the set of rules included:
- They always made our food fun, my mom would innovate different types of foods with healthy nutritious food.
- they made sure we never skipped our dinner as dinner was a very important meal for our immune system.
-They made us eat different foods every day, they believed variety is the recipe for health, which I belief in too.
-we had fruits with every meal
- they made us stay active in all our holidays

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ethnic Indian Home decor!

I have always been fond of Ethnic Indian Decor and passionate towards the splash of colours that ethnic decor brings in a home. I believe Ethnic decor will make a house into place called home which is very warm and inviting and welcoming too.
India is all about "COLOURS", don’ you agree?  I am sure you all would agree with me. I feel we are bold and we don't get intimidated to use colours in our life may it be home decor,clothing etc. In all walks of life we enjoy the true colours of India.
I like elegant traditional Indian decor which is totally Indian and that is the them I am taking to re do my house. Ethnic theme !
When I look around I want to find a home which is colorful, vibrant, warm , functional and eak dum Indian!
According the most important ethnic essentials would be COLOR  There should be loads and loads of color ! Be it a mirror or wall art it must have Indian roots ! I was asked to pick up 3 things from to re do my house to whatever theme I liked and I certainly took up this opportunity to show of my ethnic love! The following are the things I picked up and listed the reasons as to why I picked them up!

1)The mirror would be a perfect wall art plus act as a mirror ! The wood and the ethnic cut it gives has a pull of ethnic written all over it! it would look lovely adorning the warm paint of my home…
aapno rajhastan decor, ethnic
2) This bed cover I picked up mainly because it has an elephants printed all over it which reminds me of my Indian Karnataka and Rajasthani roots taking me back to Chankyas and the old golden rulers of the Maurya period. The barmari print also leaves traditional imprint!
Ethnic decor
3)One ethnic decor which adds rich color to a beautiful home are colorful ethnic cushions !… The color has something to do with dramatic ethnic them…I absolutely love them!They are a speciality of Jaipur and made of cotton which i am sure would add a sparkle of color to my lovely home..
cushion covers ethnic theme
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

5 foods delicious dark and black! A Foodie’s black wish list!

Black is always in fashion, right?

Perhaps it isn’t the first color that pops into your mind when you think about food, but here are my five foods that can categorized as the best black food. And no they aren’t the halloween favourite foods but actual desi Indian food that mouter any foodie’s mouth!

Being a foodie myself I always find excuses to indulge in these sinful temptations in a while or two. But if you are intentionally looking to make a meal all in black you could try a few things like making snacks such as black licorice, chips, jellybeans or even, black olives to add in salads, sprinkled with a bit of black vinegar. It is very easy to make a meal all in black   fun and unforgettable too.

Here are five foods worth trying:


Kali urad ki  daal: (black lentil daal)

When served with roti and rice it makes you forget every single stress and you are left craving for more.Wholesome and delicious dish which every North Indian cannot have enough of!



Kala khatta baraf ka gola: Best enjoyed in scorching summer days , with the terrible heat, comes the time for much-loved ice gola. I still remember the “Tring Tring” sound of bottles of “Gole wala” in the blistering hard summer afternoon. A sip of “Baraf ka gola” would make me freshly fresh….I wish for a lifetime supply of these kala yum delights.



Black forest cake:I love this dessert because "it's heavy, and feels very sinful." The cake is decorated with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings. WHAT THE BLACK ! I know so delicious ! Several layers of chocolate cake, with whipped cream and cherries between each layer make me want to devour this in huge quantities, to hell with calorie intake and weight gain :D



Black pepper pani wale panipoori!

What’s life without spice? These sweet , sour and spicy pooris dripping with black water melt into your mouth. I have always been a die hard fan of this snack !  A proud winner of all pani poori competitions with friends !



I love the sugar rush they provide to the body every time I bite into a date but heck no I don’t want the ordinary dates but I desire the super soft yummilicious dates right from the holy place in Saudi arabia into my house ! Pretty please? I love them like hell and with no one visiting SA I am left hanging for a taste of these black beauties !


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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The special thing about Black!

Black has always been a part of our lives - right from our favourite books cover to our favourite drink. Black is brilliant. So I am naming the 5 black items that I wish for !
Black is a color i have always loved simply because Black is beautiful.
Right from my sleek black long hair to my black fastrack wallet i love everything about black!You wouldn’t believe if I said you I even tried a black lip color , and no it didn't turn out drastic , i received a string line of compliments , after all it was Halloween !

1. Black bike.
I have always passion for driving, you would be surprised to hear that I dumped my ex because he flatly refused to teach me how to drive a two wheeler , the cruel kind he is. But yes I have always imagined my self driving and speeding off on a beautiful black two wheeler ! :)
2.Black coffee !
I wish for loads and loads of black coffee ! :D Its just not healthy but also makes my monday morning bearable !
images (3)

3.Black writings.
I love everything and anything printed in black if its fiction :D
Loads and loads of books printed black ink to fulfill my book hormones :D
images (2)
4.Black race horse.
I have always wanted to own a elegant pony or a mare in beautiful black shade ! Ever since I read beauty and the beast it has been my dream to ride one such pony , so yes I wish to own a beautiful black race horse !
5.Black skates
We never had a skate class in our school , but recently a skating club opened in my neighbourhood and I cannot help but express my glee ! I have always wanted to be ale to skate ! And skating in something beautiful such as black is always a dream I wish it came true :)

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Monday, July 7, 2014

5 easy ways to stay fit !

1.Jumping rope:This is the most easiest and cheapest workout ! The best thing is you could have your kids join you while jumping !
Jump Rope Workout-460

Squats are the perfect do-anywhere exercise that can easily sculpt your thighs and glutes.Hold dumbbells in each hand as you squat.
3.Push ups:

All those who love swimming can easily remain in shape and stay fit, Swimming helps you to lose Body Fat in the Pool. Swimming workout in the pool can even trim inches and help you get stronger, fitter and healthier than ever!


Image source: googled.