Sunday, November 22, 2009

New contest help me have fun

Twitter getting very interesting with every passing day, Now the tatadoicomo's #isageek contest is coming up on 23rd of november (ending 6th of dec)
And what is at stake a cool and geeky Samsung Android Phone, For more details see
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What makes twitter so special?

Small is the new big for gen Y and twitter sums that up. Its been almost a year since i started tweeting and today i can say i am officially addicted, so what makes twitter special to me ? Too many to mention but here 6 most important of them ..

*News: Twitter is highly spontaneous and fast and keeps me well informed about everything happening worldwide all thanks to the most exiting feature of twitter (at least according to me) the trending Topics. It keeps me updated about everything new movies , trailers, deaths, controversies natural disasters, awards, product launches,new version of software ... .

* Celebrities : Twitter has been stormed by many celebs recently and now i don't need to wait for an interview to get a sneak peak into a celebs life, twitter makes it easy for me to know more about my fav celebs and interact with them (click 4 more)

*Amazing contests: Twitter has some of the most amazing contest where you can win cool stuff.I won the #dietalk contest from @tatadocomo ,the mydala contest is still on and you can win some awesome stuff there just visit now, i have already won a 4 Gb pen drive from their daily twitter give away. Mydala gives you 4 different ways to win awesome stuff if you still havent won go rightaway and try your luck

*Traffic to my blog
: Twitter is a great traffic generator to my blog. every time i write a new post i post the link on twitter and i get instant traffic and also whenever I make some changes in my blog i post it and ask for opinions .

*Communication tool: Twitter is very effective tool to make new friends meet new and different people and staying connected with those you already know and informing others of what you are doing

* Getting help and opinions : It is very easy to get help on twitter just ask a question and you have the answer. Be it with choosing a movie to watch or finding something

*Inspirational quotes: Twitter is the best place to find some of the best quotes

* Have fun and kill time: If you have nothing to do just log in and start discovering the trending topics it is the best pass time ever lol

so have fun tweeting

Friday, November 6, 2009

Master Blaster enters twitter trends after scoring his 45th ODI hundred

Yesterday was a great day on twitter for Indians. Two Indian topics made
it to the trnds.... #TEDIndia and Sachin ..... Iam not very interested in #TEDIndia but what certainly does intrest me is Sachin, So lets talk a bit about the trend.
#sachin is one of the very few Indian topics which trended on twitter (3rd most popular)
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar returned to his vintage self last night when India had a been set a tough target of 351 to chase by the might Australians. Sachin completed his 45th ODI century and also became the only batsmen in cricket history to make 17000 or more Runs .... cool isnt it but the sad part is the rest of the indian team was in no mood to give support to tendulkar in ending the match on a winning note for india, Hence India lost a match in which sachin scored his second highest ODI score, now how ironical is that ...
Nevertheless entire country applauded the knock by Sachin. But the match last night was an incredible one from ODI cricket point of view if you ask a die hard cricket fan he would tell you that Australia did win but in reality it was cricket who won all thanks so the innigs from sachin we had a nail biting finish to the match with india falling short of only 3 runs in the end.
Sachin once again silenced his critics, still there were people saying India always loses when sachin score without realizing the fact that cricket is a team game which cannot be won single handedly which sachin almost did.
India's three run loss must have pained Sachin the most. While all other batsmen excluding sachin i guess walked out to play off the 50 overs already accepting defeat.Every run of the 175 from 141 balls consisting of 19 fours and four sixes was a treat to watch and kept most of India
glued to Tv sets. If anyone in India has the power to unite the country and keep it hooked it defenitely is Sachin Tendulkar, and he defo is the best .
Records made :
*He crossed 17,000 runs in ODI
*He crossed 6,000 ODI runs in India
*He scored his 45th ODI Century and 87th International Century
*He hit the Fastest Century for an Australia Vs India Match
*He has almost scored more than 50% runs of the Team's Score
Also see what cricketing giants have to say about sachin
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