Monday, November 17, 2014

Safety, School Aur Swachhta Babli ke liye…

#InSearchOfAToilet #ToiletForBabli
Babli woke up with a beautiful dream that day…..she smiled as she thought about it while rubbing her eyes…
Under the blanket she was warm and cozy but she knew as soon as she would step out from the warm blanket of her bed she would be freezing and then the aftermath of relieving her from the natures call would put her to dread. She had to wakeup her Amma and ask her to come along with her to the fields in the early foggy morning, the cold air would cut through her limbs and the distance they had to walk to free from the nature’s call would take a 30 minute walk by foot. Not to forget how Babli hated the sneering hairy men pestering and passing comments while they passed by them on the fields…
Also she had seen that Amma had worked hard till late the previous night and was probably very tired , she did not want to wake her up but her other human body parts would just not listen , they wanted release. Babli pressed her head between her palms…what a bad thing to happen after you just wakeup from a beautiful dream ! She sighed heavily and wished if only any of the houses in neighborhood had a toilet or how she wished her dream that she dreamt of that night came true….
How she wished her best friend Meena was not sick from malaria but most of al what Babli wished for was a decent toilets in her village so she did not have to see her friends and herself struggle every morning and evening to when they felt the need to go to the bathroom.
Open defecation was a norm in her village and she knew about the effect it had on her village folk. There were even rumors she had heard from her school masters that many girls were opting out of school because the village school did not have a proper toilet and the only toilet was open from the above and not appropriate because the 6th std boys class was just right on the front of the open toilet.
But of all this the biggest challenge for Babli was when she had to take a stand that she wouldn’t be going to nature’s call after 5pm or to any other place at evenings when her parents had worryingly decided she wouldn’t be going to far away to relieve because they had heard awful things had happened two little girls somewhere in India …they made sure Babli and her lil brother did not know what those awful things were.
Late that day in the afternoon Bali couldn’t believe what was happening to her… some very good people had come to her village called Domex Team and promised to build a toilet ! Babli twirled in happiness. Now she could not wakeup groggy even though she saw a beautiful her evenings would be peaceful without hairy men sneering or having to pass defecated field s to relieve herself !
You too can help many such Babli’s fulfill their dreams for a safe, hygienic and swacch environment and life for them… All you have to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.
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