Saturday, December 27, 2014

Keep Calm And tell The Truth

How do you feel when you are cheated and lied straight on the face ? Like hell no?
The right thing to do is seldom the easy thing to do. But it’s worth it.
Have you heard a quote something like’ If you want to change the world, change yourself’? Yes. that is how it should  go. You are the one who matters. You should take the first step towards the truth!
because when you yourself indulge in the damned thing of lies , there will come a time where you’ll have no idea who to trust. Then even the people who are telling the truth get damned. This is the reason why you yourself lying without another thought is bad.
Because when you do such a thing the trust breaks down, it creates a society like we have where we are afraid of everyone and cling to non-truths because no one knows what the truth is anymore.
So Its important people and you yourself tell the truth no matter what. It won't always be easy or happy thing to do. In fact, sometimes it is downright painful, but YOU know you have done the right thing. .
A time where I am happy I chose to go ahead with the truth was when I broke up with my boyfriend .. It was worst. But then he deserved it. He was lying behind my back.
And then days passed by I met a wonderful person who treated like the way I had to be treated. Eventually we fell in love, but the twist in turn of events happened when I found out my ex was partnering with the love of my life on a business deal.
the worst part was when I had to accompany my boyfriend in parties and I got to see him , he would start creeping around and trying to rekindle the relationship . I hated my ex and the fact that my love of life was planning something for future with him was eating me up. I was scared if I told him the truth he would start judging me and kept the truth hidden.
then there came a time my ex crossed the line when we were hanging out with my friends and my love of life proposed to me, my ex cornered me and abused me of how I was a non deserving woman . He had spoilt that day. That was when my conscience snapped and I went straight to my fiancé and blurted out the truth. I then did not care it would hurt anyone or if even my loved ones would judge me.
But it so happened instead of him being angry he started laughing at my outburst. I for once was confused. What was happening. It is when he told me that he knew the guy was my ex it was me who ended up being furious. Did he not trust me , was he testing if I still had feelings for my ex , why was he entering into a business deal with a guy who broke my heart?
But atleast I had told him the truth and I felt relieved. But then when my fiancĂ© told me he was only following a recommendation and in no way was he partnering with my ex and did not care for my ex because he trusted me I felt overjoyed. Suddenly it felt like a huge burden was off from my shoulders and from that day onwards I have been the woman who makes sure the truth is told more often and even more quickly,,…
Also I love the new TVC by Kinsley throwing light on the truth… Watch it here. I am sure you’ll love it!

This blogpost is written as a part of Indibloger’s Indi Happy hour’s for Kinley !