Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Better Car, A Happy You - Only with Quikr !

How to Bring Your Car into the 21st Century with a Few DIY Upgrades

A few years back what I thought about my car would actually make you laugh. I thought of it simply as a conveyance that got me from point A to point B. I know what you are thinking. But hey I am not the only one who thought on that terms. But there is a reason behind such thinking, which is upgrading a car would actually mean I had to spend a lot of money on it or it would be time consuming. Which is why it was easier to think my car as a piece of junk that would get me moving from one point to other.

But with growing technology everything is made easier for man and taking advantage of it even I have decided to upgrade my car and actually for once think of it just more than transporting piece of junk :) All thanks to Quikr. While these updates and car improvements will not make my vehicle new again, they help me see it in a new light. Quikr has everything from car service providing Companies to new audio stereo's for my cars ! It has given me all I want in a vehicle, without having to spend a hefty amount :) And the Quikr NXT chat option of which i wrote in detail in the previous post makes it even more fun to get my car upgraded. Not at all time consuming and even pocket friendly! Hence here are a few things I have decided upon upgrading my car into ...
  • I have decided to get a set of good rims for my tires: After all it's not just the looks. A lightweight set will improve handling and brake performance of my car and leave a lasting impression on those riding in it. I just need go chatting with a Good Car parts supplier on Quikr !
  • The next best thing is getting my sound system upgraded: My car which is 6-7 years old and hence my sound system is out-of-date , so the next thing after booking my car to be dropped for a rim change is buying a good sound system at a good price :) And Quikr is full of sound system sellers!
  • After which I plan to get in contact with a Car repair team on Quikr and get  my scratches covered up.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways in which I can get my car upgraded and simple process to get in touch with the right people is solved for me by Quikr. Now I can change my car’s appearance and features without spending a ton. Quikr NXT is the most economical and speedy way to get a car upgraded, and I am sure most of you out there would agree with this.

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The next time anyone asks for a suggestion as to where to get their car upgraded I can happily point at Quikr ! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little one and his Sweet dreams .

You know when you ask a mother about the bed rituals of her little one, she would wish that the bedtime went a little more smoothly.

According to me the best way to get your bed time rituals in use is to bring them in use everyday. Make it a routine..
Me and my husband make sure that our children realise the fact that bedtime is a happy and comforting way to end the day and not just a routine they have to follow like going to school or going to tuition's. Young kids are faster to adapting and enjoy the predictability of a ritual. So when I and my husband perform few simple tasks for our children before bed each night , it gives us a signal that everything is safe and sound and our baby is going to be alright.

It took me a lot of time to understand that a baby first needs to get out of his excited day time energy before I try and settle him down for the night. My kids would turn upset when I called it a night and whisked them away to sleep after their playtime. It was very important to maintain the balance and make sure that they weren't affected by the routine of going to sleep on the same time , every night.

The bedtime rituals I set for my kids included washing their face and hands, brushing their teeth, getting into their night dresses, sometimes this was followed by a friendly chat which included how their day was at school and lastly I made them say their prayers and zikr. I have always believed in keeping things simple and it has worked wonders for me.

And sometimes I indulge in storytelling as a ritual. This ritual is a favorite among my kids. The younger one doesn't mind if I repeat the stories . Haha. Bedtime stories also help to expand and elaborate a child's imagination. I have a boy and he hardly reads story books and reading story books during bed time gives me hope that he might start reading books some day :-)

Bedtime is undoubtedly a nice chance for kids and their parents to spend some time talking to each other. And I have been following this ritual religiously since 17 years. I learnt them from my mom , I am thankful to her for having instilled such good things in me. :)) 

Some would wonder why prayers? It is good to close with a short prayer because it calms and relaxes the mind and it strengthens a kid's faith. It helps to pray the same way each night so it becomes a regular experience. Also note that this not only teaches them the value of prayer, but it will also help them to bond with you.

I simply loved the Baby dry pants, a new product 'Pampers' has come out with . With these available in markets, now our babies can have happy mornings no red marks :-)

Also check out the cute Pampers TVC. Its an epitome of cuteness.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My phone will be my valentine

You know you love your phone: Check out my 5 reasons why I love my ASUS zenphone !
 It was valentine's day on 14th feb and they say singles feel a whole lot of  discomfort on this day ! I want lol and rofl at people who have this mindset !
I happened to watch this beautiful video by ASUS that gave a message that you don't compulsorily have to have a valentine to celebrate valentines day ! Your phone could thump up all of the options out there !
I am listing five most reasonable things why My ASUS Zenphone makes me want to celebrate valentines day with it ;)

1. You can accessorize your phone ( remember when you asked him to wear a shirt instead of a tee and the unforgettable expression he made ?) With zenphone accessories its time to say goodbye to boredom and dull things plus they give ceramic touch ! You can change the zenphone case with its available stylish case covers (Pink and yellow being my favorite!)
2. It won't complain : NO . My ASUS won't complain neither do I have any complains against it ! It gives extra battery life, better performance, professional photograph features, 5 element video shooting lens and so much more plus it won't complain when we ask him to wait till we get dressed!
3.Unlike men its simple: ASUS zenphone is designed in such a way that the advanced processor and intelligent technology makes are life so much simpler and won't bring unwanted complications and let us live in peace !
4. My best friend: Your man will not be there for you all the time but your ASUS zenphone with longer battery life and higher performance will always be there fr you plus its extra ordinary features come as a bonus ;)
5. Entertainer with wanting nothing in return : My ASUS zenphone will keep me entertained with its 13MP MP and super fabulous wifi and 3G features ! I don't have to be worried about being bored ever ! With its 6 HD display I can watch unlimited movies without scrutinizing my eyes ! Plus the gaming features and graphics of ASUS are amazing ! Its an entertainer through and through ! ASUS makes sure you aren't left dull even for a while . Undoubtedly my ASUS is my best entertainment buddy and thumps all other people.
So this Vday I celebrated by clicking pictures watching movies and having fun with my ASUS ! Tarala ! No more be in relationship with someone to celebrate VDAY!  Ha ! go get that mindset fixed because now I have my ASUS zenphone !

I am loving my ASUS zenphone like so much ! You can your choice of zenphone from here !

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Transforming Online marketplaces : Quikr’s NXT Chat!

I have always been a fan of selling and buying on Quikr. Everytime I want something I make sure I check it out from the best of best sellers in my place ! Thanks to Quikr I have been able to contact sellers from my place without any fuss !  But behold as Quikr has now come up with the perfect communications means !
Yes its none other than Quikr NXT Chat !

With this Quikr gives us three reasons to be happy and increases our marketing on Quikr!
I am so loving the three fantabulous features ! They have lived up to their tagline: No fikar !
I mean common lets not kid with a lot benefits the cons where always present but Quikr NXT hits the right spot !
 This new feature of lets sellers chat instantly with buyers through its mobile app, mobile site and PC site. Quikr Nxt users can also safeguard their privacy by opting to not share their mobile numbers but can still connect with prospective buyers or sellers. Isn't that awesome?
Before if you wanted to buy something you had to note down the numbers of all the sellers you wish to discuss the quotations with, that would turn out to be a far too tedious process ! Also there were always possibilities that the seller would have switched off his cellphone or you might have ended calling him on the wrong time and have been told to call him back on a different time ! Whoa ! That was tedious ! But With the Chat Option everything gets easy for sure !

I am listing my three favorite reasons of why I am loving the feature so much !

-Chat Cuts Down on Expenses:

There is no doubt that making phone calls cuts down on your balance , and you might end up unsatisfied if the seller you contacted did not have the desired product you were looking for or the seller might have told that it was already sold ! That's when it hits you ! The expenses it was taking for you to find the product you were looking for ! But with the new Chat feature on Quikr makes it so easy peasy for its users to communicate on a inexpensive means! You can simply login and chat away with the seller you wish to purchase the product from ! There will be no calling and disheartening anymore !

-Chat Taps into Customer's interest and results in saving time: 

You directly know by the words of the buyer if he is keen on buying the product ! This is the best it could happen to one who sells on Quikr ! Saves so much time!

-Chat gives Privacy top priority :
 When you put up a phone number be sure to get blank phone calls because that's how it is ! No gain without pain they would say ! But hey now there is gain even without pain ;) Thanks to Quikr :*

What are you waiting for? Login and start selling now on Quikr!