Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Like Power and I want to go ‘The #Sleek Way!’

I am a busy woman and have to manage multiple things at a time, so it just gets harder when I am not equipped with the right gadget ! No wonder gadgets have made this world a better place ! But to come to think of it I always want the best ! Until recently I found the Amazing ASUS Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All In One PC ET2040 !

The beautiful ASUS PC ET2040  appealed to me in quite a few ways ! Lets have a look at a few!

A desktop, that too a portable one: I for one, have never completely taken to using a laptop. I am a desktop person ! Hence when 19.5 inches screen desktop came into the picture that too portable i just couldn't hold up my excitement! I mean with so little space left on my work desk and bed (Ya I am too busy to clean up my mess) I think this would be the perfect desktop for me ! Love it that it can be folded away and carried along when need be.

Promising Backup power: At my place its either no power cut or a shower of power cuts and hence I am always afraid and on the edge of losing data due to sudden loss of power! Not to forget accidental or Voluntary unplugging in my case (My 2 year old nephew) it just gets on my nerves ! That's the reason i just love this feature of Asus . I mean 1 hour back up power- so easy to save all files ! That's got to be the bestest thing ! Indeed a very cleverly built in back up power system!

Excellent Performance: With such amazing performance it is bound to make every task of mine effortless and double the fun!

Unbelievably fast : Its hard to keep up with everything with so much happening around and hence I am lovin this ! With 3 superspeed USB 3.0 Ports it recharges upto 50% faster when compared to others!

Incredible connectivity: Expandable and efficient! Wow that's my type! Recharging of phone and transferring of data is 50 times more faster ! Whoa ! I like that ! Also its expandable ! Love its versatility ! 

In short, I love this ASUS All in One PC ET2040. It has so many extraordinary features at a competitive price. SO MUCH LOVE HAPPENING !

If you haven’t seen already, there is also the nifty, sleek and ultra beautiful ASUS EeeBook X205TA that is a tablet on hormones. It is just perfect for those times on the move when inspiration strikes and I want to pen a post. I would love to own both these wonderful products from ASUS.
Are you in awe of the Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All In One PC ET2040 too? Or do you like the ASUS EeeBook X205TA  more?

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Proposal Diaries..

I remember when I was in college I was anti valentine *You might have already guessed why* I hated watching men and women strut around wearing red. I have always believed love must be expressed on every single day of the year but as years passed my perspective changed towards the day. It was as if people wanted a day which was dedicated to love and I came in terms with it. Hell I even ask my love to do special something's on the particular day .

If I were to propose on Vday I would make sure it would BOLD enough for him to remember throughout his life ;)

That a total of close to 400000 Indian guys are searching (just on Google) for ways of, what is known (in India) as “proposing a girl”.* Now that’s quite some number.

If I were to propose the one I was having a crush on secretly vouching for a date then it has to be something different ! I would not think twice before opting for the go bold route !

If I were to ask my crush on a date out it would be the social media way ! With internet becoming a vital part of our lives its made it so much easier to ask someone out on a date ! Also it gives you the bolder edge as you are asking him out while not having to face him! 

Facebook: Tag him in all smoochy woochy pictures of love quotes and then send him a message asking him out on a date, also if he likes my fb status'es I get an idea he is interested in me to..

Blogging: Blogging is definitely my first love ! I would go bold by dedicating a whole blogpost telling him how much I adored him and how badly I wanted to go out on a date with on Valentines day ! It wouldn't be that bad ! Also what's there to lose ? If he accepts then it would be the best Vday ! If he doesn't then I might get even more bolder and ask his best friend out on a date!

Twitter: Everytime he comes online, start sly tweeting about not having a date (Dare you it takes a lot of daring to do that) And then if we are boldly lucky enough then I might just end with a date with ta hat hot cute guy I was eyeing to spend my Valentine's day with!

 Youtube: Make video telling him how much he means to me and if he could be my valentine . Definitely cute? Ain't it ! Youtube videos are viral and in no time he would be watching it with an amused expression on his face ! Sure to get that date sealed to my benefit!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Magic is out there: Step out of your comfort zone

I have always been a believer in magic, and not 'I love magic tricks' or 'I love fairy god mother' sense but in the true sense where you work hard and watch the magic unfold.
And I recently got a whiff of this pic from the net ! So beautifully painted ! 
 If you want magic to work you have to indeed step out of your comfort zone because magic and comfort don't go hand in hand. To get something you have to make sure you give your 200 percent!

But its just not that I myself have a 100 things to do which I keep I have these applications to fill which I have been postponing since a week and inventories to write *sigh* but I am going to do them and give my 200% that's all that matters!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quikr the solution and potion for everything!

Bangalore in this comparison is a far more laid back kind of town, with places where people could smell all varieties of flowers they want! Afterall Bangalore is Pensioner’s paradise ! Bangalore’s culture is one of cosmopolitanism & openness, with a hint of liberal attitude thrown in for good measure. Bangalore or Bengaluru is equipped with some of the country’s finest pubs, restaurants and theatres in the city, it is also one of India’s most entertainment friendly cities! There’s no doubt about that ! Where Bangalore scores over any other metro city though is the attitude and nature of its people, I would love to relocate to Bangalore!

But everybody surely knows that relocating is not a child’s game. I have even gone far as to hearing that relocating ages a person. Yeah, so bad ! But with everything seems a breeze. If I were to relocated I would use Quikr to my fullest advantage !

Lets have a look at Quikr.Bangalore and its importance while you are relocating:

What are all the things you need to do while relocating?

You need a home with good amenities in a residential place without burning a hole in your pocket right ? Along with that you need furnishings and carpets to decorate your new home.. that’s where The home and lifestyle tab from Quikr helps you.

The selecting options have a variety of tabs which make sure all of you needs or finds are fulfilled and you are left satisfied at the end of the day!

quikr homepage bangalore

The Real Estate category never seizes to surprise me ! From 1BHK to 4BHK to apartments to Bungalows can be found and rented or bought from sale according to your needs. The best thing is that there is no middlemen involved here , which adds up to save a whole lot of money ! Never trust brokers in Bangalore, quite a few are just cheats pretending they’ll get you your desired home! That’s when you trust Quikr, almost all customers relocating via Quikr are left satisfied !


real estate

After which you might want to take up a job as you had to leave your old job because of the relocation thingy, it’s a breeze to even find jobs at Quikr ! Love ! Also the division and classification simplifies the process of finding a job tenfold!One can also a new job requirement ! Finding a job in Bangalore is equivalent to finding fish in an oasis but with sites like Quikr.bangalore the best advantage could the ‘Find a job’ category as shown in the picture below!


The best thing is you can even find educational institutions and learning institutions for your children at just one click!

quikr education

Quirk is also now out with Quikr app! Relocating to Bangalore was never this easy ! I am already thinking of relocating now ;)

If you don’t get what you are looking for you can even post your requirements and Quikr might just get you in contact with the right person !

Click here to g to Quikr.bangalore and start relocating now!