Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ethnic Indian Home decor!

I have always been fond of Ethnic Indian Decor and passionate towards the splash of colours that ethnic decor brings in a home. I believe Ethnic decor will make a house into place called home which is very warm and inviting and welcoming too.
India is all about "COLOURS", don’ you agree?  I am sure you all would agree with me. I feel we are bold and we don't get intimidated to use colours in our life may it be home decor,clothing etc. In all walks of life we enjoy the true colours of India.
I like elegant traditional Indian decor which is totally Indian and that is the them I am taking to re do my house. Ethnic theme !
When I look around I want to find a home which is colorful, vibrant, warm , functional and eak dum Indian!
According the most important ethnic essentials would be COLOR  There should be loads and loads of color ! Be it a mirror or wall art it must have Indian roots ! I was asked to pick up 3 things from to re do my house to whatever theme I liked and I certainly took up this opportunity to show of my ethnic love! The following are the things I picked up and listed the reasons as to why I picked them up!

1)The mirror would be a perfect wall art plus act as a mirror ! The wood and the ethnic cut it gives has a pull of ethnic written all over it! it would look lovely adorning the warm paint of my home…
aapno rajhastan decor, ethnic
2) This bed cover I picked up mainly because it has an elephants printed all over it which reminds me of my Indian Karnataka and Rajasthani roots taking me back to Chankyas and the old golden rulers of the Maurya period. The barmari print also leaves traditional imprint!
Ethnic decor
3)One ethnic decor which adds rich color to a beautiful home are colorful ethnic cushions !… The color has something to do with dramatic ethnic them…I absolutely love them!They are a speciality of Jaipur and made of cotton which i am sure would add a sparkle of color to my lovely home..
cushion covers ethnic theme
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