Saturday, July 26, 2014

The special thing about Black!

Black has always been a part of our lives - right from our favourite books cover to our favourite drink. Black is brilliant. So I am naming the 5 black items that I wish for !
Black is a color i have always loved simply because Black is beautiful.
Right from my sleek black long hair to my black fastrack wallet i love everything about black!You wouldn’t believe if I said you I even tried a black lip color , and no it didn't turn out drastic , i received a string line of compliments , after all it was Halloween !

1. Black bike.
I have always passion for driving, you would be surprised to hear that I dumped my ex because he flatly refused to teach me how to drive a two wheeler , the cruel kind he is. But yes I have always imagined my self driving and speeding off on a beautiful black two wheeler ! :)
2.Black coffee !
I wish for loads and loads of black coffee ! :D Its just not healthy but also makes my monday morning bearable !
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3.Black writings.
I love everything and anything printed in black if its fiction :D
Loads and loads of books printed black ink to fulfill my book hormones :D
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4.Black race horse.
I have always wanted to own a elegant pony or a mare in beautiful black shade ! Ever since I read beauty and the beast it has been my dream to ride one such pony , so yes I wish to own a beautiful black race horse !
5.Black skates
We never had a skate class in our school , but recently a skating club opened in my neighbourhood and I cannot help but express my glee ! I have always wanted to be ale to skate ! And skating in something beautiful such as black is always a dream I wish it came true :)

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