Sunday, July 27, 2014

5 foods delicious dark and black! A Foodie’s black wish list!

Black is always in fashion, right?

Perhaps it isn’t the first color that pops into your mind when you think about food, but here are my five foods that can categorized as the best black food. And no they aren’t the halloween favourite foods but actual desi Indian food that mouter any foodie’s mouth!

Being a foodie myself I always find excuses to indulge in these sinful temptations in a while or two. But if you are intentionally looking to make a meal all in black you could try a few things like making snacks such as black licorice, chips, jellybeans or even, black olives to add in salads, sprinkled with a bit of black vinegar. It is very easy to make a meal all in black   fun and unforgettable too.

Here are five foods worth trying:


Kali urad ki  daal: (black lentil daal)

When served with roti and rice it makes you forget every single stress and you are left craving for more.Wholesome and delicious dish which every North Indian cannot have enough of!



Kala khatta baraf ka gola: Best enjoyed in scorching summer days , with the terrible heat, comes the time for much-loved ice gola. I still remember the “Tring Tring” sound of bottles of “Gole wala” in the blistering hard summer afternoon. A sip of “Baraf ka gola” would make me freshly fresh….I wish for a lifetime supply of these kala yum delights.



Black forest cake:I love this dessert because "it's heavy, and feels very sinful." The cake is decorated with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings. WHAT THE BLACK ! I know so delicious ! Several layers of chocolate cake, with whipped cream and cherries between each layer make me want to devour this in huge quantities, to hell with calorie intake and weight gain :D



Black pepper pani wale panipoori!

What’s life without spice? These sweet , sour and spicy pooris dripping with black water melt into your mouth. I have always been a die hard fan of this snack !  A proud winner of all pani poori competitions with friends !



I love the sugar rush they provide to the body every time I bite into a date but heck no I don’t want the ordinary dates but I desire the super soft yummilicious dates right from the holy place in Saudi arabia into my house ! Pretty please? I love them like hell and with no one visiting SA I am left hanging for a taste of these black beauties !


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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The special thing about Black!

Black has always been a part of our lives - right from our favourite books cover to our favourite drink. Black is brilliant. So I am naming the 5 black items that I wish for !
Black is a color i have always loved simply because Black is beautiful.
Right from my sleek black long hair to my black fastrack wallet i love everything about black!You wouldn’t believe if I said you I even tried a black lip color , and no it didn't turn out drastic , i received a string line of compliments , after all it was Halloween !

1. Black bike.
I have always passion for driving, you would be surprised to hear that I dumped my ex because he flatly refused to teach me how to drive a two wheeler , the cruel kind he is. But yes I have always imagined my self driving and speeding off on a beautiful black two wheeler ! :)
2.Black coffee !
I wish for loads and loads of black coffee ! :D Its just not healthy but also makes my monday morning bearable !
images (3)

3.Black writings.
I love everything and anything printed in black if its fiction :D
Loads and loads of books printed black ink to fulfill my book hormones :D
images (2)
4.Black race horse.
I have always wanted to own a elegant pony or a mare in beautiful black shade ! Ever since I read beauty and the beast it has been my dream to ride one such pony , so yes I wish to own a beautiful black race horse !
5.Black skates
We never had a skate class in our school , but recently a skating club opened in my neighbourhood and I cannot help but express my glee ! I have always wanted to be ale to skate ! And skating in something beautiful such as black is always a dream I wish it came true :)

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Monday, July 7, 2014

5 easy ways to stay fit !

1.Jumping rope:This is the most easiest and cheapest workout ! The best thing is you could have your kids join you while jumping !
Jump Rope Workout-460

Squats are the perfect do-anywhere exercise that can easily sculpt your thighs and glutes.Hold dumbbells in each hand as you squat.
3.Push ups:

All those who love swimming can easily remain in shape and stay fit, Swimming helps you to lose Body Fat in the Pool. Swimming workout in the pool can even trim inches and help you get stronger, fitter and healthier than ever!


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