Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nightmares of A not so sexy day !

Hola girls !

I believe one shouldn't have regrets about life once a mistake happens, just tell your conscience its alright you should learn from it and get ahead but but recently a disastrous incident happened at office which made me think I better never make mistakes at all !
Oh yes such bad was my state and I was disgusted !But but isn't God fair !
He loves all of us , doesn't he *Oh yes He loves me* :P he did save me at the right time or I would have to spend like eternity in shame ! :P

So you might wonder what was this thing which was so bad that I would prefer a week with cockroaches rather than experience what happened a week ago at my office . *Yes, it was so bad * ^_^
You would feel my pain , Ever been embarrassed at office for your foolishness ? ! >_<

Well last friday I was at the highest level of procrastination , so lazy to brush , lazy to get out of ma bed *Blame the winters* hmmp :@ .The time I was in the bathroon deciding to take a bath or not :p

 I did see my gillette satin care blade ,which was singing to me baby use me one more time :p but I clearly ignored it *Height of laziness* I gave it you can wait & all that look*How could I do thid <_>* Oh yes I did take a bath,ok !    

Just donned a full length ethnic skirt and a full sleeved top . Did a mirror check and damn I looked saxxy enough .Later after breakfast Forced my ass out of my warm cozy home and reached office .I was happy to find everyone in skirts, shawls and sweaters :P

Everything was just fine and running smoothly until it was time for lunch and I was so hungry I climbed three steps at a time *How foolish* And then suddenly Whoosh I had the great fall of China *Yeah, I fell from such a long height , it hurt;'( *

  I wasn't hurt much despite such a great fall but yet my knee hurt and was bleeding  profusely.  My bestie was so damn worried she insisted I ambulance be called *stupid girl* , but when I refused and calmed down She requested a colleague to get a first aid box and started to check my knee *God damn women we are in public , remember ? * :P I started to make silly reasons which the women completely refused and started to scold me instead for behaving like a four year old kid ! And I was trying to signal her that I had a bad hair day *well I did din't I ? :P* and was not free of hair but but you know women don't you ?:P

The first aid was then bought and when she lifted my skirt to knee length and was horrified *Not more horrified than me ,OK? :p Four or maybe five colleagues did have a look at my not so sexy legs and I Damn was I not embarrassed !!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

Oh my I've never been so embarrassed!!I wished the earth would break open and swallow me!
I was in pain , the knee din't hurt anymore but but the fact that many had seen the not so sexy side of me. I was in clear pain :P My bestie was so sorry for me *Nevermind* but i knew it wasn't her fault , it was ME and suddenly for the first time in my life How I 'Wished' I had opted for my hair removal !I wished I had listened to that song my baby Gillette had sung to me :P ;)

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