Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ovi maps: The friendly expert travel partner

When I entered college I wanted a mobile I asked my dad to buy me one and he asked me to buy a basic handset telling me all I will be doing is calling and messaging friends, so "why an expensive one he quipped" But being the stubborn me I insisted on having a feature rich mobile and finally settled for N86 which was envied by all ( but ofcourse my dad wasn’t too impressed telling me why such an expensive one ? will you listen to music or study )

N86 was cool mobile allowing me to use gprs, watch videos, take perfect pics along with a host of other features and ovi maps was one of them.

Once we (me and along with my friends) were on a trip to ooty and we wanted to find a hotel and we dint know the route we asked some people on the road, but these people were equally unaware so I just used my nokia, navigated only to find complete directions and everyone was left impressed. (back then ovi wasn’t free) this little incident made me realize that ovi knows the city and street better than the residents themselves!

After about a month, my family visited our native lucknow and we were trying to get to Bhulbhulaiya and this rickshaw person just dropped us near a hotel and we asked him how far is bhulbhulaiya from here and he said you can walk from here. After having food I just used ovimaps asking route to bhulbhulaiya and it told me it was real far to walk ! My dad was like oh well how does the phone know it must be near then we found out the hard way that this place was indeed very far . How very concerned ovi is aint it? But since that day my dad and mom are in awwww of me and always ask me to plot routes rather than asking people here and there

Now my dad uses ovimaps everytime he is on international visits. All thanx to me, dad no longer has expensive maps, no native language problems especially in countries like china. Ovi maps has made life very easy for my Dad tracking malls, mosques, Indian hotels, etc. Ovi maps is a bliss allowing you to save maps for offline access.

Being big social media addict ovi maps is very helpful allowing me to geo tag status and photos for facebook. As far as battery life is concerned I have had no problems at all as nokia can sustain navigation easily for atleast 2 hours.

And now that high end ovimaps technology is free it is way ahead of Google maps and opens great doors of possibility to people in various walks of life getting you navigated any city on planet earth. For me ovi maps is enough a reason to opt for a nokia phone and not make a shift to apple or nexus.
The free navigation tag makes nokia priceless like never before.