Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The real joy of being together with the help of nature!

A few days back when my kid opened up my laptop and pressed the correct password everybody was overjoyed and called him a digi-kid ! He loves smartphones! Doesn't eat without watching a youtube video but hey I wasn't a happy mom to see my kid addicted to all the new tech stuff ! Like other moms I wanted my kid to take interest in games and stay away from the threats of getting stuck up online and in the web of digital world.
Kids often tend to get addicted to laptops, television and smartphones. Its the reason why we parents worry so much for their correct upbringing. I have often observed people who are addicted to the virtual world have no time to actually celebrate life and enjoy the little moments in life.

The video by Kissan is by far the best example for this ! An old man walking around watches adults entwined in the digital world and not enjoying being together. There is no connection between anyone, this is true and the real state of our society. Sadly we fail to observe this .
My idea of togetherness is to enjoy the moment like Katrina Kiaf says in ZindagiNa Milegi dobara and hence I make sure my kids play outside and spend more time with their grandparents and friends and not watch Tv or play games 24X7!
Real togetherness is when people connect when they meet - be it  meeting a stranger or a person we know! In digi world there is hardly any connection! For instance take instagram , 1000's of food pictures telling telling strangers how much they enjoy the food or how hard it was to cook ! But all these uploading pictures, have they ever felt the need to cook for their loved and tell them how much they love him/her? No! And with the selfie rage lets forget about togetherness ! Instead of enjoying all the happy moments with our families we tend to take loads and loads of selfie's to upload on the net ! This is the real truth of our society!
In order to stop this stupidity of the so called digi world togetherness where we share feelings and emotions via twitter and facebook to people we hardly know one should turn up their family and enjoy the little moments in life. Like help them garden and collect mogra flowers for your mom/grandmom in the mornings( That's one thing i love to do and helps me connect in the REAL sense)
Or they could collect rain water in fun ways or decorate your home with flower pots ! That's togetherness when everybody enjoys the little things in life in the REAL sense!
So lets make this world a better place by limiting the use of technology and putting a fullstop to all those things that keep us away from enjoying togetherness !