Friday, May 15, 2015

App Amazingness : MYAirtel App

Apps have taken the the tech world by a storm, no doubts there ! My current favorite app is none other than the marvelous MYAirtel App ! Everybody with Airtel connection at my home are joyous as the Airtel app simplifies so many things simultaneously ! Everybody has an internet connection on their smartphone nowadays and people have speedily taken to doing everything via smartphones and in this era the introduction of the app is a significant progress in the Mobile data industries!
The app is very easy to install, I installed from Play store as I have android on my phone . They send an OTP after which the app gives a demo in the form of written words along with an arrow mark. There are a number of options on the app like the first tab buy and 'I want to' . 'Recharge my number' 'Airtel money' , 'Buy a new product' and start 'Start wynk'ing' ! I also liked the Airtel's one touch Internet. the side bar is super love too ! in the side bar one can add a new account which means users with two airtel sims , and then there is the notification tab after which there is the settings tab ! Everything is so organized . One can even read about Bharti Airtel- the introductory of the app in the ‘About’ section on the side bar easily!
But my liked feature was the 'SHAKE YOUR PHONE' To Get Exclusive Offers option ! Its so cute ! After i shook my phone I got 9 offers , the first one which I immediately took advantage off which was cash back on my first recharge with the app :D I also got Full talk time on select recharges when recharged from the app! Its very easy as we just have to use the Promo code provided by the app to its users !
the next feature which I liked was the OTI Airtel one Touch Internet ! It is so awesome ..recharge data pack on your phone by one single swipe of your finger ! Whoa !
the next best feature was the LOW DATA and LOW BALANCE showing in Red in the app, it is very helpful to know when the balance is low and make a quick recharge immediately via app!
I couldn't find a single fault with the app it is so awesome I had to write a post about it :D I am super loving the app and you can download the app on Google play store, Blackberry store but alas Apple users have to wait a little for the app will be out soon on IOS ! So all Airtel users out there have you tried the new MyAirtel App ? What is your favorite key feature from the app, share with me in the comments :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Everything about Kapil Dev's Eak Nayi League !

I am a great sir of our Paji , former cricket captain who got the cup for us , Mr Kapil dev! And eversince I heard he us starting anew league for which you don't have to play with your heart I was curious!

The legendary cricketer who bought Indian cricket fame and pride by bringing home the world cup tweeted about a league he has started which he informs is beneficial in terms of money to those who invest in his league . Furthermore Kapil Sir went on to ask his fellow friends and sports celebs to join this unique league of his. 
Kapil sir has always been an inspiration for so many and after watching the videos with him talking about how he approves of cricket as a game of earning money , is confident in encouraging his friends to join this nayi league.

You might be wondering what this 'Eak nayi league ' of Kapil Dev is , so was I. I came up with a lot of options if this league was about some new danger game or a reality show but it actually turned out to be a league for investment , yes ! Kapil sir was all raving about the new company he has started ITL -Indian Trading League ! Its one of a kind where the league runs throughout the year from the 19th of may to 31st of march of the next year.The best part is that the Participants can enter the League at any time during the year.

All of the videos he tweeted and I watched have appraisal for the crickers and the respect he holds for the sportmen of india. He also states that he loves when Indian sportsmen make huge money out of their jobs. He mentions Sania mirza, Yuvraj Singh and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Now that he has shot these videos I am sure it has generated a lot of interest among the public for India is the land of cricket lovers ! Its time to say goodbye to IPL and make money by investing in ITL Winking smile Love the whole concept of investing explained here and here’s wishing Kapil Sir all the best for his new venture and his nayi league!!

I think this new technique of introducing a league for traders and investors is very interesting and is here to stay. Eyeing at the amount of  feedback his tweets are getting on twitter I am sure ITl is going to be a hit , I do hope so for the sake of our former captain :)

In addition to everything Eak nayi League -ITL awards winners across different time periods – Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly and Annually! Isn't that cool? Have you check out it yet?