Sunday, June 17, 2012

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day7)

A walk to remember :

a poem for today 

Yo Yo.. Here comes #NokiaSustainabilityChallenge.. 
Bring it on..
Check out the environment.
lets move towards betterment..

Yo.. come on buck up there aint no time.
plant a tree It ain't no crime.. 
Sittin on my bed.. Trying make this Rhyme.. 
lets try hard to make greenary last Lifetime..

ride a bicycle or walk down the street.. 
cut down on paper or go solar its more neat.. 
come on everybody..lets rock on with the beat.. 
Bring it on.. hot and sweet..

dont miss it come on play this game.. 
'Bring it on ’challenge yourself true to its name.. 
sticking to a laptop now sounds so lame.. 
gear up do some stuff if u want some  fame..yo!

Today I  decided  to walk to the nearby department store to get some stuff instead of using my scooty. Walking is good both for me and my planet. I enjoyed a very nice 20 minute stroll .

Bangalore is surely pensioners paradise:)

walk a mile make mother Earth SMILE :)

used the stairs ..  exercise is GOOD!

spotted this on my way :)) government trying their best to go green .

BTW going green all this week has taken a toll on my brother and he took it quite literally getting closer to nature (take a closer look to the pic:-) )

And finally he succeeded in plucking some guava's:) *zoom in to see the pic clearly* 

It was great fruitful week dedicated to Earth leaving you with a bollywood song

aasmaan hai nila kyun, paani gila gila kyun 
why the sky is blue, why water is wet

gol kyon hai jameen 
why this earth is round

sukh mein hai narmi kyun, aag mein hai garmi kyun 
why there is softness in happiness, why there is heat in fire

do aur do paanch kyun nahi 
why don't two and two five

ped ho gaye kam kyun, tin hai yeh mausam kyun 
why the trees are decreased, why there are three seasons

chaand do kyun nahi 
why don't there have two moons

duniya mein hai jung kyun, behata laal rang kyun 
why there is war in world, why the red color is flowing

sarhadein hai kyun har kahin 
why there are boundaries every where

socha hai, yeh tumne kya kabhi 
have you think of it ever

socha hai, ki hai yeh kya sabhi 
have you think that what all this is about

socha hai, socha nahi toh socho abhi 
have you think, if not then think now

behati kyun hay har nadi, hoti kya hai roshani 
why every river flows, what is light

barf girati hai kyun 
why the snow falls

ladate kyun hai ruthate taare kyun hai tutate 
why the stars break/fall

baadalon mein bijali hai kyun 
why there is lightning in the clouds

socha hai, yeh tumne kya kabhi 
have you ever think of it ever?

socha hai, ki hai yeh kya sabhi 
have you think that what this all is?

socha hai, socha nahi toh socho abhi 
have you think? it not then think now

sannata sunayi nahi deta, aur hawaaye dikhaayi nahi deti 
we can't listen the quietness/silence, and can't see the wind

socha hai kya kabhi, hota hai yeh kyun 
have you ever think, why this happens

aasmaan hai nila kyun, paani gila gila kyun 
gol kyon hai jameen 
sukh mein hai narmi kyun, aag mein hai garmi kyun 
do aur do paanch kyun nahi 
ped ho gaye kam kyun, tin hai yeh mausam kyun 
chaand do kyun nahi 
duniya mein hai jung kyun, behata laal rang kyun 
sarhadein hai kyun har kahin 
(socha hai, yeh tumne kya kabhi 
socha hai, ki hai yeh kya sabhi 
socha hai, socha nahi toh socho abhi) -

 summary of my week

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For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day6)

collecting Rainwater:

Collecting rain water is easy and a fab way to go green . the water can be used to water plants.
Today i couldnt quite figure out what to do as a part of going green week and then mother nature helped me by making it rain in bangalore:)

I simply put my buckets out in the balcony to let rain water collect to use the water to water plants later.

Look at my lil plants..they are glowing :)

Left the buckets out ,just in case it rains again!

I love it when it rains...and it rains frequently during summers in Bangalore..

The sky clear and crystal after the rains stopped! the green effect !

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day5)

Shopping,borrowing and sharing Green!

 I am glad  that the weekend is here!
As all my blog readers would know how much I love reading..( my favorite hobbies are reading and day dreaming:P)

I am very fond of reading books, shopping and collecting them is one of my fav hobbies! and now I have so many books that I can make a mini library out of it!
But today I wanted to go green and have taken an initiative to buy only few books from today,hopped on to the nearest local library in my residence and borrowed a few books from them and donated 1/4th of my book supplies !:) *the librarian seemed to be beaming at me every now and then:P*

I was surprised myself as I felt very good that I had done a lil part of mine to go green !

Well below are the books I borrowed from the library, and other set is I borrowed from a friend of mine to spend my sunday reading it on my bean bag!

You never know how even hobbies could turn up as an act of going green!

Hence I would recommend all my lovely readers to borrow from libraries instead of buying personal books and movies!This saves money, not to mention the ink and paper that goes into printing new books!

Sharing is caring...So start now!:)

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day4)

 Bird feeding:

Today i decided to feed some birds :D . The best way to conserve the environment is to start from conserving wild life what say?

Always remember to have fresh food available for the birds you feed.

The crow seemed to be enjoying his lunch:P

Then watched him fly to his nest..and suddenly I remembered a poem by William Henry Davies,
a lovely poem known as "Leisure" 

Just kept looking at it as I was finding it hard to recall the full poem:P

And here are a few lines from the poem "Leisure"
(which I later googled:P)

What is this life, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs 
And stare as long as sheep or cows...

Reviving my water Filter and saying bye bye to  Bottled water :

I had this old kitchen water filter which we'd stopped using long time back for no big reason and started off using bisleri bottled water.

while googling for go green tips i found how using bottled water was harming the environment so i decided to revive my water filter today

Air Drying laundry:

Normally i use the dryer in my semi automatic washing machine to dry clothes but today i decided to save some electricity by using clothes line to dry clothes (also sun was in full bloom today) 

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day3)


Reusable Bags : this is one of the best and easiest way to go green. I had ordered some real cool totes from sometime back and conveniently forgot it .

Now ive hunted 'em down and used it today to go grocery shopping :)

my bags collection

 Today i am so proud of myself to have not used some plastic bags . plastic clogs drains, adds to land fills waste and do not degrade fast. Using bags is not only eco friendly they looks great and add to your fashion quotient ;)

Reusing old Envelopes: I used old envelopes as scrap paper to make notes .
I also reuse Envelopes having less stamp marks by covering old address by sticking paper on them :)
Also today i used a fancy envelope to make a corner book mark, here is how

- use a scale draw a line to create a triangle

-cut on the line using scissors

-decorate with drawings or stickers , mine was a fancy envelope so i dint do anything :)
-thats it ! the bookmark is ready . I love corner bookmarks more than the staright ones asthey dont slide off easily .

Reusing Coconut shells: I have come to understand that creativity drives innovation!Ehmmm..I was born actually born with creative thinking abilities:P! As a green challenge I reused coconut shells to make a makeup brush stand and a pen stand!Both very simple to make.

A very cute pen stand:)

In love with the cutie pie makeup brushes stand!
This was a bit hard to make, had to cut the coconut shell into equal half, stuffed thermocol into the insides and finally place the coconut shell on a glass to keep it balanced!

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day2)

A breath of fresh air:

These days people take pride in being a laptop Couch potato ! lazyly killing time on networking sites doing absolutely nothing! Today i decided to give the laptop and my eyes some rest  by moving into the realm of nature breathing fresh air.
I went to this park near my place with my niece . it was a great feeling and had so much more fun than i have daily while i stare at my laptop.

Lakeside musings:-)

A green take..

Calm and peaceful...

Sat over here for a while..

It was a refreshing change to play outdoors for my niece instead of sticking to her lame video games :)

Sometimes when I see the kids playing..I wish they had a playground for adults..!

Shadows of the dark!

A treat to the eyes..

 Basking in the sun

An unusual view of the other side of the park!

picture perfect!

Breezy atmosphere..

Its so lovely watching the toddlers play..

Making hay while the sunshine's:-)

My favorite spot at the park..the flowery fragrance..:)

This was  a fab way to kill time and go green at the same time :) ill do that atleast once a week from now on!

Allowing fresh air enter home via windows is so much better than using air filters or AC's. So  today i decided from now on i will open windows for a brief period of time allowing clean, crisp and lovely fresh air circulate indoors.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day1)

Iam quite free this week and while i was browsing my timeline on twitter nokias Sustainability Week cauth my attention. though Earth day is long gone i decided i will be dedicating a little time all this week to do my bit for environment.
I fancy the idea of Going green for the pride of feeling u get when u realize u have helped in a greener tomorrow is fab also and being eco-friendly is just good economics and helps budget

lets start off with a poem 

I stand out in the Crowd
And that I say with Proud
O’my Dear #Nokiasustainabilitychallenge
Thy name says it all going green is the “True Fashion”
Which reflects in me & is much beyond any passion
I feel awesome, I want to fly
Just like nature with beautiful colors in the rainbow so high
Nature adding wings to me
With pride and sense of of achievement  “I Glee”
caring and loving every bit of nature, now no one can hold
Stop me if you can, Iam off to nurture the world

Moving toward a paperless environment:

I agree going completely paperless is not possible even in todays technologically developed era but minimizing the use of paper is what i aimed at doing today

*switched to online statements instead of regular paper statements for my icici bank
*paid my BSNL broadband bill online it was so much more easier and BSNL even gives discount of 1% on total bill if paid online!.

* Print less: Ok printing judiciously only the stuff you really need is an effective way to save paper. so i made this note and pinned it to my printer so anyone dad , mom sis or even me “think before we print”

Paper not only costs the environment, but careless usage has a tendency to hurt your wallet. The cost of printing, copying, postage, storing, and recycling can be a real LOT.

*use both sides of paper: yes printing both sides is my new resolution along with that today i used blank side of the paper to keep my niece busy doing coloring and painting

*Stop reading print newspapers and magazines: Today i even unsubscribed from my daily TOI subscription . From deforestation to trasportation to ink all heavily costing the environment! Instead i have book marked epaper link for Times of india ( which is FREE!

those are some solutions I’ve used to go paperless do you have more suggestions? and which do you plan to start implemnting in oyur own life please comment.

In addition to going paperless today lodged a search for my rechargeable battery and charger and put them on charge so no disposables from now on . Now waiting for the battery to be charged

 A week dedicated to mother Earth ..

but is a mere week enough ? just like celebrating Earth day on a  single day aint enough a week of  is also not enough... here is a video i made consisting of ways id love to go green before i die :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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