Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Extravagant dream of a luxury touch: Porcelanosa

I am a dreamer, not the normal types but a crazy dreamer ! And I most of the times end up imagining myself winning the lottery from which I can suddenly afford a massive house stuffed and designed with the most luxurious and beautiful furniture and home décor !
Don’t we all have a dreaming house, and everyone has ideas on cool things to have in their dream home. But now all your dreams will come fulfilled without much effort to find the BEST because hold your breath as the world-celebrated Porcelanosa ventures into Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving ! And Am I drooling like a 5 year old child drools over a big size candy seeing their products or Am I over drooling over them ! (If such a word even exists!)
What I liked about Porcelanosa Kitchens:
Kitchen is the very heart of the home ! It is given the most importance while building a home…Aware of its importance, at Porcelanosa they’ve design kitchens to be functional and to meet the requirements and that too WOW and HOW !Versatile space, beautiful décor, neat designing …yes all in one!
Here are my top 3 kitchen favorites from their products :
kitchen 3


beautiful kitchen
What I liked about Porcelanosa Bathrooms:
The beauty of the bathrooms can be enhanced by the beautiful wall tiles here on Porcelenosa .. and their bathroom accessories will give it a new makeover !
Porcelenosa provides a wide range of furniture that is fitted below basins, mirrors, lighting, additional furniture, and makes sure they become the envy of the house .
What I liked about Porcelanosa Bath tubs:
Coming to the bathtubs. I have always dreamt wanted a posh bathroom with a mega size bathtub and the lusty looking bathtubs on Porcelenosa got me crazy ! LIKE HELL ! They are so so so pretty and fine they make me want to cry with greed to have all of em installed in my bathrooms ( Yeah honey keep dreaming) Trust me ! They are pure LOVE !
And my top 6 (I wanted to post pictures of all of them ) favorites!
*Lusting LIKE hell*
*This ones to die for*
bath 1
*WANT WANT WANT* PLEASE rehem Karo :*******
What I liked about Porcelanosa Flooring :
Amazing quality and lust worthy cool designs are all what the floor tiles of Porcelanosa speak of .. They have beautiful collections are more versatile and seem easy to install than continuous flooring  ! I  so want one of these when I am having my dream home built *Pink promise to myself*
And I could not stop myself from falling in love from their rain shower range. THEY ARE FANTABULOUS ! GOD I LOVE THEM ! I can go on and on and on about them ! YES SO DAMN FABULOUS !
My favorites :
*Squeals with delight*
Like any of these ? Right. I know it YOU loved all of THEM !
There is much more to explore from the products from porcelanosa ! Do check out!