Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Guptaaji kabhi hume bhi Yummy wale Nashte pe Bulawo yaar !

Iam a huge foodie and when it comes to tasty food I lose all thought ! My parents always made it a point to make sure that we had the best food when we were eating was during breakfast ! Hailing from the north of India just makes it easier for you to understand why everybody emphasize on the 'Nashta' thing .

And now that I have kids I make sure my kids eat a healthy breakfast and my husband loves it when I turn innovative in the kitchen, just the thing I never had the time to learn recipes. But guess what I was shell shocked to hear that certain Guptaji and his family have over a 100 recipes for Nashta , that too each one unique and tastier than the other ! I make scrambled eggs, toast and coffee during breakfast and I am not much of a recipe woman and hence tasting different food comes in the form of visiting relatives and parties ;)

Well I was curious as to what the 100 recipes and the story revolving around the Guptaji ke wahan nashta is doing rounds after watching this video where everybody keeps asking Guptaji when he was inviting them for nashta! So I stumbled upon their recipes after which I wish I was born in Guptaji's family ! No really ! So tasty , so delicious and so much easier to whip up the nashta's!

Cornflakes is my favorite ingredient when it comes to whipping up some yummy nashta and I am so happy to have found the secret of Guptaji's famous nashta wali story ! This lip smacking recipes of  ‎Cornflakes‬ including the Chocolate and walnut, strawberry and cornflakes wali refreshing nashta,Cab corn basil and apple cinnamon cornflakes wala nashta ! Now I am just envious of Shalu ! So much Nasta wala awesomeness ! Shalu has recipes for every occasion , that's so cool !

Making the perfect breakfast is a tough job but when you have the easiest and tasty recipes then it seems like a breeze ! I am so going to try the sweet ‘nut-things’ wala nashta with a glorious blend of honey and nuts and the chocolaty heaven wala nashta ! An invitation from Guptaji's family would mean the breakthrough for my Nashta toughness ! Making that perfect breakfast would mean finding the right amount of ingredients and the right kind of recipe ! I just want a single ticket to Guptaji's household during their nashta time :D 

Have you ever been to Guptaji's household and been lucky enough to have tasted their yummy recipes? I can't wait for that invitation to yummy awesomeness. The best part is that Shalu (Guptaji's wife) uses Kellogg's 'anaaj ka naashta' wala cornflakes ! I am so going to stock these Kellogg's and whip up the tastiest breakfast each and every time ! Wish me luck and I am now praying I get an invitation for the nashta I am so waiting for desperately !