Friday, March 6, 2015

A Happy baby = Happy me !

Only a mother knows what happiness it brings when she sees her baby smiling or when she hears his laughter. The sound of her baby's laughter is the happiest and the sweetest song she has ever heard. So what happens when your child is comfortable and smiling always? You know he/she is content and happy. And are the things that make your baby happy?  Well its easier to make sure a baby is happy and my baby turns happy vappy when he takes  regular nap , and the moment he is awake he smiles and laughs ( <3). A nightly cuddle also makes my baby happy ! Sometimes even singing "Lakdi ki kaati , kaati pe ghoda" for the hundredth time will keep him content. Happiness is that simple for my kids :) (Hey, he hasn't even heard of the economy and a whole lot shitload India is going through currently)
Also watching him laugh and grow, and listening to him coo, his smile, his eyes, his hair just everything makes me happy .

Its important for a parent to know that the signs of happiness for a baby can be very mystifying. For instance the sight of my face and the sound of my voice soothe my baby and brings a smile on its face.

I indulge in taking my kid along in a front carrier while I pick up around the house or talk on the phone as i have observed my baby tends to laugh and smile while I carry him, I think its the constant motion and change in scenery that entertains him and makes him happy.

My other kid who is 2 year old loves playing with toys that have different textures and make sounds , playtime and vrooming a car all over the walls of our home makes him happy.

Gentle music while  my kid plays with his favorite toys also makes my baby super happy. But the best part that makes him happy is when he watches his father trying to put those baby's shoes on his own feet . Its the sweetest and simple things that make my baby happy :)

A baby's comfort is always a parent's top priority. And a mother always want's her baby to wear the most comfortable pamper pants. I am thankful to Pampers for coming up with leak proof pants that ensure dryness on the outside.  I am buying these new Pampers Baby Dry Pants that promises dryness for my baby on the inside the next time I visit the store.

Have you checked out the new Pampers 'Dry baby diapers' made to take extra care and keep your baby happy 24x7 . Plus this TVC of theirs is so cute ..Have you watched it yet? Watch it now !