Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Better Car, A Happy You - Only with Quikr !

How to Bring Your Car into the 21st Century with a Few DIY Upgrades

A few years back what I thought about my car would actually make you laugh. I thought of it simply as a conveyance that got me from point A to point B. I know what you are thinking. But hey I am not the only one who thought on that terms. But there is a reason behind such thinking, which is upgrading a car would actually mean I had to spend a lot of money on it or it would be time consuming. Which is why it was easier to think my car as a piece of junk that would get me moving from one point to other.

But with growing technology everything is made easier for man and taking advantage of it even I have decided to upgrade my car and actually for once think of it just more than transporting piece of junk :) All thanks to Quikr. While these updates and car improvements will not make my vehicle new again, they help me see it in a new light. Quikr has everything from car service providing Companies to new audio stereo's for my cars ! It has given me all I want in a vehicle, without having to spend a hefty amount :) And the Quikr NXT chat option of which i wrote in detail in the previous post makes it even more fun to get my car upgraded. Not at all time consuming and even pocket friendly! Hence here are a few things I have decided upon upgrading my car into ...
  • I have decided to get a set of good rims for my tires: After all it's not just the looks. A lightweight set will improve handling and brake performance of my car and leave a lasting impression on those riding in it. I just need go chatting with a Good Car parts supplier on Quikr !
  • The next best thing is getting my sound system upgraded: My car which is 6-7 years old and hence my sound system is out-of-date , so the next thing after booking my car to be dropped for a rim change is buying a good sound system at a good price :) And Quikr is full of sound system sellers!
  • After which I plan to get in contact with a Car repair team on Quikr and get  my scratches covered up.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways in which I can get my car upgraded and simple process to get in touch with the right people is solved for me by Quikr. Now I can change my car’s appearance and features without spending a ton. Quikr NXT is the most economical and speedy way to get a car upgraded, and I am sure most of you out there would agree with this.

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The next time anyone asks for a suggestion as to where to get their car upgraded I can happily point at Quikr ! :)