Sunday, February 15, 2015

My phone will be my valentine

You know you love your phone: Check out my 5 reasons why I love my ASUS zenphone !
 It was valentine's day on 14th feb and they say singles feel a whole lot of  discomfort on this day ! I want lol and rofl at people who have this mindset !
I happened to watch this beautiful video by ASUS that gave a message that you don't compulsorily have to have a valentine to celebrate valentines day ! Your phone could thump up all of the options out there !
I am listing five most reasonable things why My ASUS Zenphone makes me want to celebrate valentines day with it ;)

1. You can accessorize your phone ( remember when you asked him to wear a shirt instead of a tee and the unforgettable expression he made ?) With zenphone accessories its time to say goodbye to boredom and dull things plus they give ceramic touch ! You can change the zenphone case with its available stylish case covers (Pink and yellow being my favorite!)
2. It won't complain : NO . My ASUS won't complain neither do I have any complains against it ! It gives extra battery life, better performance, professional photograph features, 5 element video shooting lens and so much more plus it won't complain when we ask him to wait till we get dressed!
3.Unlike men its simple: ASUS zenphone is designed in such a way that the advanced processor and intelligent technology makes are life so much simpler and won't bring unwanted complications and let us live in peace !
4. My best friend: Your man will not be there for you all the time but your ASUS zenphone with longer battery life and higher performance will always be there fr you plus its extra ordinary features come as a bonus ;)
5. Entertainer with wanting nothing in return : My ASUS zenphone will keep me entertained with its 13MP MP and super fabulous wifi and 3G features ! I don't have to be worried about being bored ever ! With its 6 HD display I can watch unlimited movies without scrutinizing my eyes ! Plus the gaming features and graphics of ASUS are amazing ! Its an entertainer through and through ! ASUS makes sure you aren't left dull even for a while . Undoubtedly my ASUS is my best entertainment buddy and thumps all other people.
So this Vday I celebrated by clicking pictures watching movies and having fun with my ASUS ! Tarala ! No more be in relationship with someone to celebrate VDAY!  Ha ! go get that mindset fixed because now I have my ASUS zenphone !

I am loving my ASUS zenphone like so much ! You can your choice of zenphone from here !