Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little one and his Sweet dreams .

You know when you ask a mother about the bed rituals of her little one, she would wish that the bedtime went a little more smoothly.

According to me the best way to get your bed time rituals in use is to bring them in use everyday. Make it a routine..
Me and my husband make sure that our children realise the fact that bedtime is a happy and comforting way to end the day and not just a routine they have to follow like going to school or going to tuition's. Young kids are faster to adapting and enjoy the predictability of a ritual. So when I and my husband perform few simple tasks for our children before bed each night , it gives us a signal that everything is safe and sound and our baby is going to be alright.

It took me a lot of time to understand that a baby first needs to get out of his excited day time energy before I try and settle him down for the night. My kids would turn upset when I called it a night and whisked them away to sleep after their playtime. It was very important to maintain the balance and make sure that they weren't affected by the routine of going to sleep on the same time , every night.

The bedtime rituals I set for my kids included washing their face and hands, brushing their teeth, getting into their night dresses, sometimes this was followed by a friendly chat which included how their day was at school and lastly I made them say their prayers and zikr. I have always believed in keeping things simple and it has worked wonders for me.

And sometimes I indulge in storytelling as a ritual. This ritual is a favorite among my kids. The younger one doesn't mind if I repeat the stories . Haha. Bedtime stories also help to expand and elaborate a child's imagination. I have a boy and he hardly reads story books and reading story books during bed time gives me hope that he might start reading books some day :-)

Bedtime is undoubtedly a nice chance for kids and their parents to spend some time talking to each other. And I have been following this ritual religiously since 17 years. I learnt them from my mom , I am thankful to her for having instilled such good things in me. :)) 

Some would wonder why prayers? It is good to close with a short prayer because it calms and relaxes the mind and it strengthens a kid's faith. It helps to pray the same way each night so it becomes a regular experience. Also note that this not only teaches them the value of prayer, but it will also help them to bond with you.

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