Sunday, February 1, 2015

Transforming Online marketplaces : Quikr’s NXT Chat!

I have always been a fan of selling and buying on Quikr. Everytime I want something I make sure I check it out from the best of best sellers in my place ! Thanks to Quikr I have been able to contact sellers from my place without any fuss !  But behold as Quikr has now come up with the perfect communications means !
Yes its none other than Quikr NXT Chat !

With this Quikr gives us three reasons to be happy and increases our marketing on Quikr!
I am so loving the three fantabulous features ! They have lived up to their tagline: No fikar !
I mean common lets not kid with a lot benefits the cons where always present but Quikr NXT hits the right spot !
 This new feature of lets sellers chat instantly with buyers through its mobile app, mobile site and PC site. Quikr Nxt users can also safeguard their privacy by opting to not share their mobile numbers but can still connect with prospective buyers or sellers. Isn't that awesome?
Before if you wanted to buy something you had to note down the numbers of all the sellers you wish to discuss the quotations with, that would turn out to be a far too tedious process ! Also there were always possibilities that the seller would have switched off his cellphone or you might have ended calling him on the wrong time and have been told to call him back on a different time ! Whoa ! That was tedious ! But With the Chat Option everything gets easy for sure !

I am listing my three favorite reasons of why I am loving the feature so much !

-Chat Cuts Down on Expenses:

There is no doubt that making phone calls cuts down on your balance , and you might end up unsatisfied if the seller you contacted did not have the desired product you were looking for or the seller might have told that it was already sold ! That's when it hits you ! The expenses it was taking for you to find the product you were looking for ! But with the new Chat feature on Quikr makes it so easy peasy for its users to communicate on a inexpensive means! You can simply login and chat away with the seller you wish to purchase the product from ! There will be no calling and disheartening anymore !

-Chat Taps into Customer's interest and results in saving time: 

You directly know by the words of the buyer if he is keen on buying the product ! This is the best it could happen to one who sells on Quikr ! Saves so much time!

-Chat gives Privacy top priority :
 When you put up a phone number be sure to get blank phone calls because that's how it is ! No gain without pain they would say ! But hey now there is gain even without pain ;) Thanks to Quikr :*

What are you waiting for? Login and start selling now on Quikr!