Sunday, June 17, 2012

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day3)


Reusable Bags : this is one of the best and easiest way to go green. I had ordered some real cool totes from sometime back and conveniently forgot it .

Now ive hunted 'em down and used it today to go grocery shopping :)

my bags collection

 Today i am so proud of myself to have not used some plastic bags . plastic clogs drains, adds to land fills waste and do not degrade fast. Using bags is not only eco friendly they looks great and add to your fashion quotient ;)

Reusing old Envelopes: I used old envelopes as scrap paper to make notes .
I also reuse Envelopes having less stamp marks by covering old address by sticking paper on them :)
Also today i used a fancy envelope to make a corner book mark, here is how

- use a scale draw a line to create a triangle

-cut on the line using scissors

-decorate with drawings or stickers , mine was a fancy envelope so i dint do anything :)
-thats it ! the bookmark is ready . I love corner bookmarks more than the staright ones asthey dont slide off easily .

Reusing Coconut shells: I have come to understand that creativity drives innovation!Ehmmm..I was born actually born with creative thinking abilities:P! As a green challenge I reused coconut shells to make a makeup brush stand and a pen stand!Both very simple to make.

A very cute pen stand:)

In love with the cutie pie makeup brushes stand!
This was a bit hard to make, had to cut the coconut shell into equal half, stuffed thermocol into the insides and finally place the coconut shell on a glass to keep it balanced!