Saturday, June 16, 2012

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day1)

Iam quite free this week and while i was browsing my timeline on twitter nokias Sustainability Week cauth my attention. though Earth day is long gone i decided i will be dedicating a little time all this week to do my bit for environment.
I fancy the idea of Going green for the pride of feeling u get when u realize u have helped in a greener tomorrow is fab also and being eco-friendly is just good economics and helps budget

lets start off with a poem 

I stand out in the Crowd
And that I say with Proud
O’my Dear #Nokiasustainabilitychallenge
Thy name says it all going green is the “True Fashion”
Which reflects in me & is much beyond any passion
I feel awesome, I want to fly
Just like nature with beautiful colors in the rainbow so high
Nature adding wings to me
With pride and sense of of achievement  “I Glee”
caring and loving every bit of nature, now no one can hold
Stop me if you can, Iam off to nurture the world

Moving toward a paperless environment:

I agree going completely paperless is not possible even in todays technologically developed era but minimizing the use of paper is what i aimed at doing today

*switched to online statements instead of regular paper statements for my icici bank
*paid my BSNL broadband bill online it was so much more easier and BSNL even gives discount of 1% on total bill if paid online!.

* Print less: Ok printing judiciously only the stuff you really need is an effective way to save paper. so i made this note and pinned it to my printer so anyone dad , mom sis or even me “think before we print”

Paper not only costs the environment, but careless usage has a tendency to hurt your wallet. The cost of printing, copying, postage, storing, and recycling can be a real LOT.

*use both sides of paper: yes printing both sides is my new resolution along with that today i used blank side of the paper to keep my niece busy doing coloring and painting

*Stop reading print newspapers and magazines: Today i even unsubscribed from my daily TOI subscription . From deforestation to trasportation to ink all heavily costing the environment! Instead i have book marked epaper link for Times of india ( which is FREE!

those are some solutions I’ve used to go paperless do you have more suggestions? and which do you plan to start implemnting in oyur own life please comment.

In addition to going paperless today lodged a search for my rechargeable battery and charger and put them on charge so no disposables from now on . Now waiting for the battery to be charged

 A week dedicated to mother Earth ..

but is a mere week enough ? just like celebrating Earth day on a  single day aint enough a week of  is also not enough... here is a video i made consisting of ways id love to go green before i die :)