Sunday, June 17, 2012

For a greener Earth - 7 day challenge (day2)

A breath of fresh air:

These days people take pride in being a laptop Couch potato ! lazyly killing time on networking sites doing absolutely nothing! Today i decided to give the laptop and my eyes some rest  by moving into the realm of nature breathing fresh air.
I went to this park near my place with my niece . it was a great feeling and had so much more fun than i have daily while i stare at my laptop.

Lakeside musings:-)

A green take..

Calm and peaceful...

Sat over here for a while..

It was a refreshing change to play outdoors for my niece instead of sticking to her lame video games :)

Sometimes when I see the kids playing..I wish they had a playground for adults..!

Shadows of the dark!

A treat to the eyes..

 Basking in the sun

An unusual view of the other side of the park!

picture perfect!

Breezy atmosphere..

Its so lovely watching the toddlers play..

Making hay while the sunshine's:-)

My favorite spot at the park..the flowery fragrance..:)

This was  a fab way to kill time and go green at the same time :) ill do that atleast once a week from now on!

Allowing fresh air enter home via windows is so much better than using air filters or AC's. So  today i decided from now on i will open windows for a brief period of time allowing clean, crisp and lovely fresh air circulate indoors.