Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Love For The City Of Nawabs

When you drive along the roads of Lucknow you'll find that there are hundreds of Rickshaw walas who ask you were you want to go . There are people who will always be there for you, even though you don't belong from the city. 
That's the beauty of Lucknow. Lush green farms and fields border Lucknow and there are beautiful dams and excellent monuments. Not to forget numerous car pooling type wale autos by which you can travel and save money while travelling.
Also equipped with an airport and the most popular railway station , Lucknow does not lack anything! It’s the perfect place to live! I was myself surprised to find out that Lucknow is among the most bicycle-friendly cities in India and many Bike-friendly tracks have been established throughout the city which leads to less pollution. When you ask my dad where he would spend the rest of life , there’s one word on his tongue- Lucknow ! The city deserves it. People want a relaxed and lay back city to live in once they retire and Lucknow is full of such people.
The buildings are designed in such a way that you gaze at their beauty . There are memorials, zoos and parks for one to spend their evenings and weekends. The food is the most talked about ! One can simply not stay at Lucknow and love the city. The beauty of the city is once you live here, you want to stay here, forever.

Even though I don’t stay in Lucknow , its where my heart belongs. People often say you simply cannot find a beautiful place than the place you are born and spend your childhood in. But that’s just not the case for my love for the city I was born in, its way more than that!
Lucknow is bordered with numerous villages that speak of peace and serenity. The beauty of the place is in its people, the locals, the food and the monuments.

You must have hear raving reviews about the food of the city already plus the locals living here are the most friendly. People of Lucknow are the best when it comes to connectivity and helping nature.
Lucknow- The city of Nawabs defines etiquette and civility in the most august manner!Situtated in the heart of UP , though populated , Lucknow is famously known for its “pyaar and tahzeeb” thing. Lucknow is not far when it comes to culture, music, art , shayri and poetry. Its one of the oldest and traditional cities of India.

Starting from melodious music, to dance and culture to beauty, sophistication and architecture, Lucknow has its all. The design , the monuments and the greenery will leave you spell bound.

The people here are so heart-warming, their hospitality and chivalrous lingual abilities will make you fall in love with city again and again. You can never feel alone in Lucknow for its people always welcome one with open arms!
Lucknow is one of the growing cosmopolitan cities.. Gifted with rich cultural and artistic history, Lucknow is  an important place of music, art, poetry and tourism. It was shaped by several emperors since the Mughal period and developed even when India was ruled by Britishers. 
Lucknow is the city I choose to vote for when it comes Drive, design and connect . M city is #MadeOfGreat . What do you think?