Saturday, January 24, 2015

Proposal Diaries..

I remember when I was in college I was anti valentine *You might have already guessed why* I hated watching men and women strut around wearing red. I have always believed love must be expressed on every single day of the year but as years passed my perspective changed towards the day. It was as if people wanted a day which was dedicated to love and I came in terms with it. Hell I even ask my love to do special something's on the particular day .

If I were to propose on Vday I would make sure it would BOLD enough for him to remember throughout his life ;)

That a total of close to 400000 Indian guys are searching (just on Google) for ways of, what is known (in India) as “proposing a girl”.* Now that’s quite some number.

If I were to propose the one I was having a crush on secretly vouching for a date then it has to be something different ! I would not think twice before opting for the go bold route !

If I were to ask my crush on a date out it would be the social media way ! With internet becoming a vital part of our lives its made it so much easier to ask someone out on a date ! Also it gives you the bolder edge as you are asking him out while not having to face him! 

Facebook: Tag him in all smoochy woochy pictures of love quotes and then send him a message asking him out on a date, also if he likes my fb status'es I get an idea he is interested in me to..

Blogging: Blogging is definitely my first love ! I would go bold by dedicating a whole blogpost telling him how much I adored him and how badly I wanted to go out on a date with on Valentines day ! It wouldn't be that bad ! Also what's there to lose ? If he accepts then it would be the best Vday ! If he doesn't then I might get even more bolder and ask his best friend out on a date!

Twitter: Everytime he comes online, start sly tweeting about not having a date (Dare you it takes a lot of daring to do that) And then if we are boldly lucky enough then I might just end with a date with ta hat hot cute guy I was eyeing to spend my Valentine's day with!

 Youtube: Make video telling him how much he means to me and if he could be my valentine . Definitely cute? Ain't it ! Youtube videos are viral and in no time he would be watching it with an amused expression on his face ! Sure to get that date sealed to my benefit!

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